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[DMWN #10] - Here's how I got my first Full-time Software Developer Job

Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Hi there,
In the last few weeks, I’ve been inconsistent with my newsletter. I apologize for that. The next few weeks will hopefully be better.
I trust you had a great week last week.
Here’s what I have today:
What I did last week 😇
  1. I published a video on How I got my first Full-time Software Developer Job where I share the steps I took to land my first full-time job. I also shared few tips to help developers in their job applications:
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. Building Github Actions With the Vonage Messages API: In this article, you’ll learn how to combine GitHub Actions with Vonage Messages API such that messages will be sent to a WhatsApp number when a specific event occurs.
  2. How to build a Markdown plugin for your Gatsby blog: Gatsby supports custom markdown plugins that hook into the markdown-to-html transformation and modify things. In this article, I explain how to go about that.
  3. Demystifying styled-components: In this article, you’ll understand how styled-components works by building a clone of the tool.
Featured Tools 🛠
  1. react-hook-form: React library for managing forms in React applications. I’ve not worked with Formik enough to know the difference and uniqueness of each tool, but this has so much helped my needs.
Useful hacks/tips ✨
  1. Array.isArray(): an Array method that returns true or false if the argument passed to it is an array or not.
  2. Using uppercase for HTML texts can affect accessibility in applications. This is because screen readers may mistake words to be acronyms. For example, a sentence like “FOLLOW US” may be read by the reader as “Follow U S”—the U S seeming like an abbreviation for the United States. For this reason, it is good practice to have your HTML texts in small or capitalized letters (not uppercase) and then styling with CSS (text-transform: uppercase). Here’s more info.
  3. Easily reference the previous git branch you were on with “-” (minus sign, an alias for @{1}). Here’s the release note for this feature. This means you can do things like
    • git checkout - to checkout the previous branch
    • git merge - to merge the previous branch
    • git rebase - to rebase the current branch with the previous branch
    • basically anywhere a name of a branch is required, you can use this sign to reference the previous branch
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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