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[DMWN #18] - What is DevRel and How can I get in?

Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Hi guys, I trust you last week/weekend was great!
My last week was just me resting and looking forward to starting work at my new role this week. Fortunately, I’ll be starting tomorrow. So excited : )
And I’m in the company’s page now 🥺
Here’s what I have for you today:
What I did last week(s) 😇
  1. Since I announced my new role (and transition) in Developer Relations (DevRel) as a Developer Advocate, I’ve often been asked what DevRel is and how one can get in. In this video, What is Developer Relations and How can I get in?, I share what DevRel is, and tips for anyone interested in getting into that technical space:
  2. I had my first flight experience last week (within Nigeria). It was a fun one, seeing what I used to see in movies, and also experience the whole thousand-feets-above thinny. I vlogged about it here:
    I also recorded the taking off and landing of the plane when returning, and took some pictures in the air (as the flight attendants allowed us take our phones).
  3. I finally got a domain for the Simplifying Technical Writing space I’m working on. Here it is: I figured it would be best as a subdomain of my personal site so that I can have my contents together. I share more details about the space here: Introduction to the Simplified Technical Writing platform
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. The concept of middleware in Express: Middlewares are used in a lot of frameworks but I first learnt it from Express.js. In this article, I explain what middlewares are, their benefits and how to go about them in Express
  2. column-count in CSS, For Responsive Layouts: Asides grids and flexboxes, `column-count` is another amazing style property in CSS which can be used for responsive layouts. Check out the article.
  3. Cookies vs. localStorage vs. sessionStorage: In web browsers, these 3 storage techniques are used for different purposes. From saving authentication tokens, to session tokens to personalised local data, they have their similarities and differences. In this article, I explain them better.
  4. 5 CSS properties and values that are incompatible: Most times, we try different properties and end up not getting the results we want. The reason for this can be that those properties do not work together. Check out this article for 5 properties and values that are not compatible with each other.
Job Openings 💻
This is a new section that I thought to share. I’d do my best in getting recent jobs. I’d be using mostly as that’s my favorite site.
Let me know what roles you’re more interested in, so I can focus more on that.
Featured Tools 🛠
  1. vscode-icons: This extension gives your files and folders beautiful icons that differentiates/distinguishes them
  2. Settings Sync: Have you ever changed device and lost your vs code configurations (like extensions, settings, e.t.c). Then this extension is perfect for you. It allows you to sync your settings online and download on whatever device you are.
Useful hacks/tips ✨
  1. You can cancel workflows in concurrency mode on GitHub. Here’s the guide for it: Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions
  2. Here’s a simple way to use React Fragments. Instead of the usual
    You can do:
    The difference between this and the fragment tag is that unlike the latter, the former cannot accept a key prop.
As a content creator, I love simplifying diverse topics in web development that I understand. Do you have any topics, tools, or frameworks that you’d like to understand better? Do let me know, and I may be able to come up with an article or video on it.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀.
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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