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[DMWN #19] - Here is my workspace and Tools that I use for my YouTube videos

Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Hi guys, I trust your last week/weekend was great!
My last week was just me overwhelmed about starting at my new role. I had a fantastic one week, and I’m excited about what this holds for me moving forward. I’m thinking of sharing my one week as a Dev Advocate on my YouTube channel. Hopefully sometime this week : )
Sorry, this is coming a day late. Here’s what I have for you today:
What I did last week(s) 😇
  1. Some friends and people who have seen my YouTube videos have asked me about the tools I use for creating them. So during the weekend, I published: Workspace and Tools I use for my YouTube videos. I share the hardware and software (and links to purchasing and learning about them). Check it out:
  2. I made some changes to Simplifying Technical Writing, though these are all in dev for now.
  3. I got more acquainted with the amazing product we’re building at Stream. You should check us out for your messaging and feed needs.
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. 10 Gatsby Plugins To Use For Your Gatsby Blog: In this article, I share 10 very useful plugins you can use in your Gatsby blog
  2. Template Literals: What You Probably Didn’t Know: You know how Template Literals in JavaScript allows you to interpolate string and variables? In this article, I share more information about them that makes interpolation and other things possible.
  3. Uploading files using Node.js and Multer: In this article, I explain how you can upload files using a frontend environment to send a file to a backend environment, and using Multer on the backend to receive it.
Featured Videos 📹
  1. How react-helmet is not a solution for improving the SEO of websites: People often confuse react-helmet to be a solution for SEO, which it isn’t. It updates meta information, but doesn’t exactly improve SEO. I explain why in this video.
  2. How to Edit on iMovie like a Pro: iMovie is a video editing tool I discovered recently (talked about it in my last video). This video guides you on how to start using it.
  3. What I’ve learned working as a full-time Software Engineer for 1 year: In this video, I share what I learned working as an engineer for 1 year at my previous job. That was my first full-time job 🥺
Job Openings 💻
I haven’t gotten any response regarding a preference for this section, so I’ll skip listing the openings for now. But in my newsletters, I’ll keep talking about (not a paid promotion, though)
I know four of my friends who have gotten interviews and jobs from this site. You should check it out.
Featured Tools 🛠
  1. use-media: This is a React hook that tracks CSS media queries of a page of a page. This hook allows you to conditionally (the JavaScript way) render elements based on the size of a screen.
  2. Settings Sync: Have you ever changed device and lost your vs code configurations (like extensions, settings, e.t.c). Then this extension is perfect for you. It allows you to sync your settings online and download on whatever device you are.
Useful hacks/tips ✨
  1. Here’s a faster way to get the last item of an array:
    This will start the slicing from the end because it’s a negative index. This is easier than doing:
    array[array.length - 1]
  2. Did you know that you can set default values for your function parameters? Here’s how:
    function print(str = "default string"){}
    This way, if print is called without a str argument, “default string” will be assigned to the parameter.
As a content creator, I love simplifying diverse topics in web development that I understand. Do you have any issues, tools, or frameworks that you’d like to understand better? Do let me know, and I may come up with an article or video on it.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀.
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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