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[DMWN #21] - Here's how to use use CSS media queries and variables to make website responsiveness easier to build and manage

Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Hi guys, I trust your last week/weekend was great!
I wasn’t able to do a video last week, as I was overwhelmed with some activities. But I’m hoping to put something out on the Context API and TypeScript during this week or the weekend.
Here’s what I have for you today:
What I did last week(s) 😇
  1. I did a little update on my website:
  2. I wrote an article on Using CSS Media Queries and Variables for Responsiveness which shows how to use CSS media queries and variables to make responsiveness easier to manage and build.
  3. I got a better understanding of what we’re doing at Stream by going through the docs on completing my slack-demo app.
  4. I created web3 diary which is a platform I plan to share my knowledge on web3 as I try to understand it. Ideas there are pretty unorganised, but as time goes on, I’d make it a standard platform for understand web3, blockchain, crypto and related jargons.
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. How to Build an Ecommerce Application using React, MongoDB, Strapi & In this article, I show how Strapi makes backend setup and management super easy, and how to use with the stack to improve interactions in an e-commerce application.
  2. Why Does React Exist: In this article, I show the relevance of React and the beauty it brings to creating web applications.
  3. JavaScript String.Replace() Example with RegEx: In this article, I show how to use RegEx with the String.Replace() method to replace characters that match a regex pattern
Featured Videos 📹
  1. Interested in knowing what Developer Relations (DevRel) is all about? In this video, I share from my own understanding:
  2. React Interview Questions and answers 2019 | Best Commonly Asked | Part -2: Although this is 2019, the tips here are very helpful for preparing for React-based interviews.
  3. 5 simple tips to making responsive layouts the easy way: This video shares some tips for making responsive layouts with ease.
Job Openings 💻
Check out for jobs ranging from remote to relocation to junior to senior and different types of roles.
I know four of my friends who have gotten interviews and jobs from this site. You should check it out.
Featured Tools 🛠
  1. lint-staged: Normally, linting tools lint every file (that matches a pattern) in your codebase. This may not be helpful when you only made changes to few files. Using lint-staged, you can lint only the files that are in git staging environment, thereby focusing only on the files with the new changes you introduced.
Useful hacks/tips ✨
  1. Here’s an easy way to rename a branch. From your terminal, enter the following on the current branch:
    git branch -m [new-branch-name]
As a content creator, I love simplifying diverse topics in web development that I understand. Do you have any issues, tools, or frameworks that you’d like to understand better? Do let me know, and I may come up with an article or video on it.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀.
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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