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[DMWN #33] Here's how I create my scripts for my YouTube videos

Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
I published a video where I share what video scripts are, why they are useful and how I currently create my scripts.

Happy new week : )
Trust you had a lovely weekend? I watched Batman yesterday. Great movie, I recommend : )
Here’s what I have for you this week
What I did last week(s) 😇
  1. I published How I Create my Scripts for my YouTube Videos - YouTube. In this video, I explained what video scripts are, why they are useful and how I currently create scripts for my YouTube videos.
  2. I published Understanding TypeScript Generics | Generics Simplified. In this article, I simplified TypeScript generics by explaining what it is, the syntax, why it’s useful and a good use case showing how to use it to improve the types in your application.
  3. I published HTML Starter Template – A Basic HTML5 Boilerplate for index.html. In this article, I explained how a HTML Starter Template looks like, and also explained the relevance of all the tags in the template.
Also (as shared in my previous letters), I recently launched Simplified Technical Writing where I share most (if not all) of my experience in Technical writing. In it, I share how to get started, how to get topics, writing jobs you can apply for and so much more.
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. String Literal Types in TypeScript: In TypeScript, there are String types and also String Literal Types. In this article, Marius explains what these types are.
  2. VS Code Extensions to Increase Developer Productivity: VSCode has a ton of extensions for different languages and features. In this piece, Beau shares ten extensions you can use to improve your development experience.
Featured Videos 📹
  1. 2 things you should do before applying to a company ✨ : In this #short YouTube video, I shared two things you should do before applying to companies that can make your cover letters better.
  2. Asynchronous JavaScript Tutorial #1 - What is Async JavaScript?: Learn about Asynchronousity in JavaScript by The Net Ninja.
  3. Deno Tutorial #1 - Introduction: I played around with Deno last week and this series by The Net Ninja was a great guide for me. Definitely recommend.
  4. 10 Epic YouTube Shorts Ideas in 10 Minutes (or less): If you’re a YouTube content creator, one way to grow your account is to maximize the shorts feature. This video shares 10 short ideas you can use.
Tool of the day 🛠
eslint-plugin-sort-keys-fix: This eslint plugin is used to sort keys in an object. It works well with the sort-keys eslint rule which throws warnings if keys in an object are not sorted correctly.
Sorting keys in objects keeps keys organized such that you can easily find the method or property you’re interested in.
Useful tip of the day ✨
display: none and visibility: hidden are style declarations in CSS used for hiding things visually on the screen. But they work differently.
display: none completely removes the element from the screen along with the space that was allocated for it. This means the next element will occupy its space.
visibility:hidden, on the other hand simply makes the element “invisible”. The space allocated for it remains. The next element does not occupy its space. Think of this as opacity: 0 , but the opacity element is still interact-able while the invisible element isn’t.
That’s it for this week.
I currently have an Instagram account @deeecode where I share code/tech tips from time to time. Do follow if you’re interested :)
If you’d like to talk about Tech (writing or software engineering) or have questions, you can schedule a meeting with me in my Calendly profile. Looking forward to meeting you.
As a content creator, I love simplifying diverse topics in web development that I understand. Do you have any issues, tools, or frameworks that you’d like to understand better? Do let me know, and I may come up with an article or video on it.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀.
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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