[DMWN #44] Job Application Tips That Have Worked For Me?





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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Happy new week : )
Trust you had a great weekend and your week is up for a great start?
I’m sorry you didn’t hear from me last week. I didn’t have enough resources to share. And sorry this letter is also coming a day late. I forgot to schedule it yesterday 🥲
Here’s what I have for you this week:
What I did last week(s) 😇
  1. I made some changes to my website, basically updating the theme (to purple my favorite color) and adding a “featured articles” section.
  2. I published Cover Letter Template for your Next Job 🔥 where I give more insight into the Cover Letter Template I made few months back.
  3. I published Job Application Tips That Have Worked For Me where I share how I approach job applications and how they prepare me for interviews.
  4. I published switch statement in JavaScript explained. The inspiration for this post was a developer who mentioned that they didn’t understand the switch statement and how it was different from if statements.
  5. I published Adding Pagination to your Gatsby blogs using gatsby-paginate.
  6. I published How to check internet connection status in JavaScript, an article complement to my 1 minute YouTube video
  7. I published this, in JavaScript, simplified where I explain the concept of this in JavaScript and how to know what object it points to in a function
  8. I published few articles on Git and Python on FreeCodeCamp
  9. I shared different posts explaining concepts around JavaScript, React and CSS on Instagram and also grew to 8k. My most popular post this season is Arrow Functions
  10. Drew my first art in Procreate – SpongoBob
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. Amazing CSS transition tips and details
  2. How to await in a loop in JavaScript
  3. React Portals Simplified | What It Is, How to Use It
  4. Better scrolling through modern CSS
  5. Undo wrong Git changes
  6. A deep dive into queues in Node.js
Featured Videos 📹
  1. GraphQL: Going Beyond REST APIs 
  2. HTML, CSS & JS Mini Projects - Scroll Animation, Rotating Navigation, Drag Events, etc
  3. Building a Career in Web Development, in 2022 - This is Cassidy Williams
  4. #1 Relocating from Nigeria to the Netherlands 🇳🇬🛫🇳🇱 
  5. Array Destructuring Simplified, in JavaScript
Tool of the day 🛠
Quokka.js: VS Code extension that shows the result of expressions in the same line
Quokka.js at work in a VS code interface
Quokka.js at work in a VS code interface
With this extension, you can see the result directly in your editor without executing the code manually.
Useful tip of the day ✨
Did you know that you can undo a merge? You can do this by using the revert git command and the commit hash like this:
git revert -m 1 <ID of merge commit>
When you merge a branch, a merge commit is created. Using the ID of that commit in the command above creates a new commit that undos every change that the merge created.
The -m 1 option tells git that you want to keep the parent side of the merge.
That’s it for this week.
Recently, I’ve been using my personal TikTok (@iamdillion) to share Tech information and my career experiences. You can follow me there if you’re interested :)
ICYMI, few weeks ago, I published Stop comparing yourself with people: Most of the time in tech (as well as many other areas in life), we compare ourselves with our “mates” but we fail to realize that we’re being unfair to ourselves. In this TikTok video, I share why you should stop doing that.
Here’s a technical writing resource I created, Simplified Technical Writing, where I share most (if not all) of my experience in Technical writing. In it, I share how to get started, how to get topics, writing jobs you can apply for and so much more. Do check it out if interested and share : )
I currently have an Instagram account @deeecode where I share code/tech tips from time to time. Do follow if you’re interested :)
If you’d like to talk about Tech (writing or software engineering) or have questions, you can schedule a meeting with me in my Calendly profile. Looking forward to meeting you.
As a content creator, I love simplifying diverse topics in web development that I understand. Do you have any issues, tools, or frameworks that you’d like to understand better? Do let me know, and I may come up with an article or video on it.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀.
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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