[DMWN #6] - Learn what ref and forwardRef is in React, and how to use them





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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
Hello there,
Merry new week 🙌 I trust your weekend was great.
Here’s today’s piece:
What I did last week 😇
  1. I created a video on React ref and forwardRef Tutorial. In this video, using an audio element with custom controls, I show how ref and forwardRef can be helpful, and how to use them to gain access to the controls of the audio element:
  2. I published an article on Technical Guide For Uploading Images to ImageKit With NodeJS. ImageKit is an alternative to Cloudinary with its unique features. In this article, I explain how to upload images to ImageKit from a NodeJS server.
  3. I updated the contents page of my website to allow searching by tags or by text input:
I’m also going to do a revamp of my website in the coming weeks, so watch out : )
Featured Articles ✍️
  1. Comparing TypeScript and PropTypes in React applications: In this article, I highlight the differences and similarities between TypeScript and PropTypes and what makes them useful tools for typing React props
  2. A CSS Approach to Trap Focus Inside of an Element: This article shows how to restrict focus to the content inside an element using CSS and a little JavaScript
  3. useEffect vs useLayoutEffect: This article explains what they are and when to use them
  4. How to build a Markdown plugin for your Gatsby blog: Gatsby provides a way for creating markdown plugins that can modify the output HTML from markdowns. In this article, I explain how.
Featured Tools 🛠
  1. SVG Viewer: This is a VSCode extension that allows you to view svgs right in your editor.
Useful hacks/tips ✨
  1. History.replaceState(): a handy method on the History object that allows you to update the contents of the URL without triggering a page refresh. I used this for the contents page of my website to update the URL as the text is entered into the search input.
Random 🔄
  1. I’ll be engaged with some youth service thing in the next three weeks, but I’m promising to keep up with this newsletter. In case the letter in the next few weeks has lesser content, at least you know why.
  2. Your feedback and appreciation (by liking and sharing) helps me to know that what I share is helpful, and I’m inspired to share more helpful stuffs. I’ve been getting feedback on the newsletters I share. I appreciate everyone and one person I’d love to give a shoutout to is Uma Victor. Thank you, Victor. Those engagements on my newsletters mean a lot.
A new week, another opportunity to do amazing things! So go do amazing things 🚀
Do have a splendid week 🌟
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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