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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida
I’m moving my newsletter from Substack to Revue…

Hello there 👋
Firstly I apologize for not sending a letter last week, and I also won’t this week. I’ve been pretty busy and unable to gather enough resources. Please bear with me.
Secondly, I just moved my newsletter from Substack to Revue. I’m doing this for just one reason. Revue has a Twitter integration where people could see my newsletter in my Twitter profile.
Here’s how it looks:
Twitter bio screenshot
Twitter bio screenshot
With this, people can easily subscribe to my newsletter when they visit my profile.
You do not have to re-subscribe. I have your email here already.
Also, if you’re thinking of having a newsletter of yours, this is a great advantage of using Revue.
Thanks once again for subscribing. I’ll keep sharing helpful contents.
If you have ideas of what you’d want me to write about or create a video about, you can let me know.
Do have a great rest of the week ✨
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Dillion Megida
Dillion Megida @iamdillion

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